Trongate 103

Trongate 103

Trongate 103 is a new arts resource for the city of Glasgow and will be the new home  for a range of Glasgow based creative organisations.

Trongate 103 is a place to see art, make art and enjoy being creative. The ground and first floor of the building are the gallery floors, with a year round programme of exhibitions and events showing a diverse range of work.

Educational and participative activities for the public will also be on offer.  Some will be specifically targeted for particular groups, for example children, young people, families, people with special needs. You will be able to learn to make art in a variety of media including printmaking, photography, digital imaging, animation and film and video production, all in our amazing Studios and Facilities

Why not take one of our Welcome Tours to really get the most out of your visit, and maybe even visit the Cafe Cossachock, Scottland's first and only authentic Russion restaurant

Open Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm and Sunday 12 noon - 5pm

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